Anton Voytenko

Interactive Media & Motion Graphics Designer

Welcome to my website

My name is Anton and I am a Media Designer from Ottawa, Ontario. In short, I do front end (websites), videos, graphic design work, and motion graphics (explainer videos, animations, etc.). You can take a closer look at my work under my portfolio section

Graphic Design

I create posters, infographics, branding, and other graphical assets. I work with both print and computer images.

Video & Motion

I shoot videos with my DSLR camera, I do all the editing myself, including lower thirds, intros, outros, and other assets.

Web Design & UX / UI Design

I have experience in making websites with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and by using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Grav.


Here is a list of some works I have done in the past. You can filter projects by clicking the appropriate filter button below.

Texture Hair Salon - Website Redesign and Optimization

A full redesign was made without damaging Texture's SEO rankings. Website loads within 1.16 seconds and is is fully responsive. A custom child theme was made, that is up to date with all the latest versions of Wordpress itself and the plugins installed. A big improvement was made on the user experience side - it is much easier to finding the right content. All images are optimized, all text is SEO friendly.View the website

UTG Digital Media - Website Redesign and Optimization

Website's onload time went down from 10 seconds to 1.3 second, according to Pingdom. A full redesign was made with a creation of a custom Wordpress child theme. This project was made while working full time for UTG Digital Media. View the website

UTG Digital Media - Factsheets Redesign

A full redesign of company's factsheets. There are two different versions: one for company's products, and another one for industries they can be used. Both are very similar, with a few exceptions. Made while working full time for UTG Digital Media.

Demo Reel 2017

Includes some of my video and motion graphics projects done in 2017. Created with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

Elite Football Combine 4

Promotional poster made for the Elite Football Combine event hosted by the Elite Performance Academy and HESN. Created in Adobe Photoshop.

DewAir Dehumidifiers - Website

A fully responsive website built on Wordpress Content Management System. Includes smooth CSS3 animations, woocommerce support, video support, and a cool google maps integration. View the website

DewAir Identity Guide

The following booklet was made as a part of a package developed for DewAir. Created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Other Way - Interactive Form Concept

A fully functional interactive PDF form for a travel agency. Created in Adobe InDesign.

Touch Football 101 - NCAFA series

The following video is a part of a series hosted on HESN YouTube channel and NCAFA league website. Created in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, and Adobe After Effects.

Butterfly Effects - Poster Concept

A typographic poster for a famous movie. A diagonal line splits the design in half, representing main character's life story. Left side contains a butterfly swinging it's wing, causing a huge mess / tornado on the other half. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Ludology Reviews - YouTube Series

This video is part of a series created for Ludology Gaming Reviews channel. Tools: Lighting kit, DSLR Camera with an 80mm lens, Zoom Recorder, lavaliere microphone, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects.

Fred Page Cup 2018

An official logo for a CJHL youth hockey tournament. Created in Adobe Illustrator

Agent of Influence

An intro created for "The Retired Spy" series on YouTube. Made with Adobe After Effects.

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